Class Schedule (Kids)

Class Title: Grappling

Wednesday- 4:35pm

Sunday- 11:20am

Both classes are Gi and No-Gi

Class Last Approximately 70 minutes

Cost:  Monthly fee $30 (plus tax) or can pay

           Per Session $10

          *Can also be paid by cash/check at location

Requirements:  A Gi must be purchased after 4th class

​​Before attending any grappling classes please practice good hygiene:
                   *Clean Clothes/Gi's

In addition to fitness boxing/kickboxing we offer both Gi and No-Gi Grappling at Northland Fitness Boxing located in Gladstone. 

We offer classes for Adults and Kids.

All Grappling classes are part ​of the Northland Grappling Club.  Classes are taught by Alan Johnson; a legitimate black belt in Judo. 

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Class Schedule(Adults):

Class Title: Grappling

Tuesday- 7:35pm (No-Gi)
Saturday- 12:30pm (Gi)

Class Last Approximately 90 Minutes

Cost:  Monthly fee $30 (plus tax) or can pay
          Per Session $10

        *Can also be paid by cash/check at location

Northland Fitness Boxing
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